How many days before birth does the mucus plug come out?

Answer May lose it as early as one to two weeks before the signs of true labor appear or just as labor itself is beginning.

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You are 38 weeks and im dilated 3cm and you got your membranes stripped but you didnt go in to labor and then 2 days later your mucus plug came out how long do you think i have to go before going in?

Can you pass the mucus plug slowly or does it all come at once?

The "mucous plug" people refer to is basically meaningless. Many women don't ever notice losing it, and others notice losing it long before they go into labor. Generally if you do notice it, it wil... Read More »

Can you be dilating even if the mucus plug has not come out yet?

Answer Yes,you can.The plug can stay put until the late stage of labor- just before the baby is born(how it manages to,I can't figure out!), but much more commonly it comes away much earlier.Someti... Read More »

Can you go into labor before losing your mucus plug?

YES - not every woman will lose her mucus plug... Sometimes you dilate without dilating enough to lose the plug, and contractions and labor can start before you lose the plug!