How many days are you until you find out that you are pregnant?

Answer Earliest is about 3-4 weeks after sex. Take a test if you miss your period

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If you have unprotected sex and then get your period 3 days later does that mean that you're not pregnant or do you have to wait until next month to know?

Answerfirst of all why would you have sex with all the sicknesses going around by having sex. I would problly be a problem having it do you mean it just started or your've been having periods. That... Read More »

Can you be pregnant if you don't ovulate until 6 days after sex?

How many days does it take to confirm that a woman is pregnant?

Answer doctors say to wait 12 days after a missed period to take a test but if you no your regular with your period then you can take a test a day after you miss your period

How many days until a baby is born?