How many days are required to serve in the military to receive VA benefits?

Answer In order to be classified as a veteran, you have to have at least 180 days of service in most cases. To receive most VA benefits, you must complete your initial enlistment or two years of continuou... Read More »

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How Many Days of Military Service Are Required to Receive VA Benefits?

The criteria for receiving state-specific VA benefits vary state by state. To receive federal VA benefits, an individual must have served a minimum of 180 days in active duty before September of 19... Read More »

Are women required to serve in the military?

No. The Selective Service is responsible for administering the military draft in times of war. Men ages 18 to 25 living in the U.S. are required to register with the selective service, but women ar... Read More »

How many days a year are air national guard pilots required to serve?

Was there ever a time when Irish immigrants were required to serve in the US Military upon their entry into this country?

Answeras far as i know no there has never been a time that Irish immigrants were forced to serve as a whole although during the civil war the north lured the Irish over to the us by promises of job... Read More »