Exactly how many days is 72 hours?

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How many hours are in 90 days?

Each day consists of 24 hours. Therefore, to find out how many hours are in 90 days, you would multiply 90 by 24, and the answer would be 2,160 hours.References:AAA Math: Converting Days to HoursRe... Read More »

How to Convert Days to Hours?

On occasion you might want to how many hours are in a particular multi-day period, such as five days. You can use an equation and a calculator to easily find the answer.

How do I calculate hours into days correctly?

Multiply the number of hours by 0.04166. The equation works because one hour is is 0.04166 days. For example, 24 hours times 0.4166 equals 1 day or 12 hours equals 0.5 days.Source:Calculate Me: Con... Read More »

Dont hours get shorter as the days go by?

no.365 days in a year.12 months in a year.52 weeks in a year.7 days in a week.24 hours in a day.60 minutes in an hour.60 seconds in a's the same all day and all night.