How many days after your period are you safe from pregnancy?

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What are your chances of being pregnant if you had sex 4 to 5 days after your period ended you have been gaining weight and have all the signs of pregnancy but test show neg still no period?

There is always a chance of getting pregnant anytime you have sex.

If you had dry sex two days ago and you were on your period would you start feeling the pregnancy symptoms the day after?

Answer For starters, sex while on your period- while it's possible- will very rarely lead to pregnancy. Most sperm can only survive up to 7 days after ejaculation, so having sex more than 7 days pr... Read More »

After having sex 10 days into my girlfriends cycle she popped a morning after pill even though we used a condom and it didn't break just to be safe Her period came about 10 days earlier normal?

Is a clear or white discharge a few days after your period should have come a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Not really. But having a late period is a sign. If you are late, you should take a home test or go see a doctor to find out for sure. Yes!!!!! Discharge is a sign of pregnancy - leukorrh... Read More »