How many days after menstruation will the egg die?

Answer Answer Hi there :-) During a Womans period there is not a egg sweetheart. This is why it is highly unlikely for a Woman to conceive during her period. During a Womans Ovulation tim... Read More »

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Would i get pregnant if we have sex then withdrawal after 8 days of my menstruation?

If you mean he pulled out. Then it is always possible because some seamen can still be left behind. As for being off your period it doesn't matter when you have sex you can still get pregnant, ev... Read More »

How will you know that you are pregnant if you have sex on the day after your menstruation ends?

Answer you have to wait until your next period due date and see if you missed your period but i sure you might not be pregnancy the reason why? a women gets pregnancy once they finish their period... Read More »

Roughly after how many days of fasting will metabolism slow down?

1. Not even. Your metabolism slows down when you are asleep because you're fasting. It doesn't take long

How many trading days will it take to give new Facebook shares some stability or equilibrium after IPO begins?

Don't even worry your pretty little head about it, I've got the Facebook IPO market cornered with the "Uniform Gifts to Minors Act" for Malia & Sasha. I may not be able to buy shares because of the... Read More »