How many days a week do you work....?

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How many days a week do nurses work?

The number of days a nurse works per week varies depending on her employer. Nurses who work in a doctor's office usually work a traditional five-day week, but hospital and urgent care nurses might ... Read More »

How Many Days a Week Should I Use My Elliptical Trainer?

Ping G10 irons with the yellow dot custom fitting designation are golf clubs with a lie adjustment of 1.5 degrees upright. Such adjustments, where the hosel (the part of the club head where the sh... Read More »

How many days a week should you exercise your chest?

Every other day will yield the best results. 6 days in a row, will put the muscles into a catatonic state, meaning that they basically give up. So NO new muscle is added, and fat goes to the area t... Read More »

I work out around 6 days a week (weights/cardio), have cut all junk out of my diet.should i see results soon?

You should already see the results on the scale but not visible results around the end of a month on a diet. You've done 2 weeks so far. So just wait two more weeks and you should definitely see re... Read More »