How many cytotec should you take?

Answer This is something you have to ask your doctor. Taking too much can result in you bleeding to death so asking strangers online is not recommended. It also differs whether they are oral or vaginal. A... Read More »

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What are symptoms if cytotec did not take effect?

You will not bleed and have no cramps. You should not take anything else until you have seen the doctor. It can be dangerous.

You are 10 weeks pregnant what hapens if you take cytotec?

You need a surgical abortion at 10 weeks. Do not attempt something on your own, get to a clinic. it's illegal to try on your own and you can get seriously hurt.

How Many Deductions Should I Take on My W4?

Topical hydrocortisone, an over-the-counter medication, comes in many forms, including ointment, liquid, gel, spray, cream and medicated towelettes. It relieves itching, redness, dryness, inflammat... Read More »

How many ccs of insulin should a diabetic take?

On One Hand: What Insulin is Based OnInsulin dosage is based on the weight of the person, as well as how many carbohydrates or sugars are consumed by the diabetic person each day. There are many di... Read More »