How many cups of beer in a keg?

Answer A standard U.S. half-barrel beer keg holds 1,984 ounces. One cup equals 8 ounces, so a beer keg holds 248 cups of beer. To calculate the number of servings for a different cup size, divide 1,984 by... Read More »

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How many cups of beer are in a half keg?

A standard U.S. half keg, also known as a pony keg, holds 992 ounces and, therefore, 124 8-oz. cups of beer. To calculate for a different cup size, divide 992 by the number of ounces per glass.Sour... Read More »

How to Make Cups Out of Beer Bottles?

Turning wine bottles into drinking glasses began in in the 1960s when restaurant owners discovered that it was an effective way to reuse bottles that otherwise would have been thrown away. Since th... Read More »

How many beer drinkers truly love beer and how many are just bandwagon jumpers?

Wow sorry to hear that. I am an A!! I love Beer, I love to try new beers and I love to just taste beer. I dont really drink beer to get drunk I drink for the taste. There are so many types. I say ... Read More »

How many cases of beer cans are equivalent to a beer keg?

A keg by U.S. specifications holds 1984.0 ounces of beer. A case of beer with 24 twelve ounce cans contains 288 ounces of beer. With those numbers it would take 6.89 cases of beer to equal the am... Read More »