How many cups are in a measuring pint?

Answer In units of liquid measurement, two cups equal one pint. A pint is also made up of 32 tablespoons, or 96 teaspoons. In metric measurements, one pint is 470 milliliters.References:Botanical: Convers... Read More »

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How many cups are in a pint of blackberries?

There are two cups in a pint of blackberries. It's helpful to know that the cup to pint ratio is the same measurement, regardless of what material or ingredient you are measuring.References:AskNumb... Read More »

Would you rather drink a pint of water or a pint of beer?

Any disadvantages if I drink 8 cups of tea instead of 8 cups of water today?

Yes, dehydration. Limit tea to 16 ounces per day on average.

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