How to Convert 0.875 Quarts to Cups?

Answer Although both quarts and cups are traditional units of measuring fluids, cups are used to measure smaller volumes than quarts. A carton of milk, for example, is measured in quarts whereas the quant... Read More »

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How to Convert Cups to Quarts?

A cup is a unit of measurement typically used when measuring foodstuffs or liquid when preparing dishes. Cups measure volume. A quart is a unit of measurement typically used to measure volume as we... Read More »

Any disadvantages if I drink 8 cups of tea instead of 8 cups of water today?

Yes, dehydration. Limit tea to 16 ounces per day on average.

How to Convert Cups of Rice to Cups of Pasta?

Whether you want to change up your favorite casserole recipe or are just trying to use the ingredients on hand, there are times you will need to substitute pasta for rice. Most recipes measure ingr... Read More »

What's the difference between Keurig coffee cups and their iced coffee cups?

There is more coffee in the iced Kcup portion packs. This allows the coffee to still taste like coffee after adding all of the ice (it doesn't get watered down). I use the regular Kcups to make i... Read More »