How many cubic yards does a concrete truck hold?

Answer While load capacity varies somewhat, most concrete trucks can hold nine to 10 cubic yards of concrete. One cubic yard of concrete can cover an 8-foot by 10-foot area to a thickness of 4 inches.Sour... Read More »

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How Many Cubic Yards of Sand Does a Tandem Dump Truck Hold?

The amount of sand a tandem axle dump truck can hold is based on the maximum capacity of the dump truck and the density of the sand. A typical tandem axle dump truck can carry about 15 tons--the ac... Read More »

How do I calculate cubic yards for concrete?

Measure the SpaceMeasure the length, width and height in inches for the empty space you wish to fill with concrete. Assume a length of 500 inches, a width of 200 inches and a height of 20 inches as... Read More »

How do I calculate concrete cubic yards for slab?

Measure DimensionsMeasure the length, width, and height in inches of the space the concrete slab must fill. As an example, say your space has a length of 180 inches, a width of 108 inches and a dep... Read More »

How many cubic yards can a dump truck carry?

The capacity of a dump truck is determined both by the volume of the truck's bed and the load limit of the truck. The volumetric capacity in cubic yards can be determined by measuring the length, w... Read More »