Is the 327 cubic inch engine the same as the 5.3 liter?

Answer Yes. Cubic inches and liters are both units of volume. A cubic inch is 0.016 liters, so to convert cubic inches to liters, multiply by 0.016. In this example, 327 cubic inches times 0.016 is about ... Read More »

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How many cubic centimeters is 400 cubic inches?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology states that one cubic inch equals 16.39 cubic centimeters. This means that a volume of 400 cubic inches is the same as 6556 cubic centimeters.Refe... Read More »

How many cubic inches are in a cubic meter?

There are approximately 61,023.74 cubic inches in one cubic meter. Although cubic inches and cubic meters both measure volume, the two are not compatible units of measurements. Cubic inches are a U... Read More »

How to Calculate an Engine in Cubic Inches?

Engine displacement in the United States used to be measured in cubic inches. For example, an engine might have been described as a "350" or "455" V8, meaning it displaced that particular number of... Read More »

How many cubic feet are in a space 5 feet wide 28 inches high and 36 inches deep?