How many cubic feet of oxygen is in an h cylinder?

Answer According to the Ohio Department of Health, a size H oxygen cylinder will hold 250 cubic feet of oxygen, which will deliver a continuous flow at 2 liters per minute for slightly over two days.Sourc... Read More »

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How many cubic feet are in an argon gas cylinder?

Companies sell argon gas cylinders in a range of sizes. For example, the numbers of cubic feet in the gas cylinders that the GTS Welco company sells are 20, 40, and 80 cubic feet.References:GTS Wel... Read More »

How do I calculate cubic feet of a cylinder?

BaseMeasure the radius (from the center of the circle to the edge) of the cylinder's base in inches. Multiply the radius by pi, approximately 3.14. This gives you the area of the base.HeightMeasure... Read More »

How many cubic feet of nitrogen are in a 100-lb cylinder?

One mole of nitrogen molecules weighs 28 grams and takes up 22.4 liters. The gas in the cylinder, weighing 45.35 kilograms, contains 1,619.97 moles of gas. This would occupy 36,287 liters at room t... Read More »

What is the cubic feet of a room that is 12 feet long 8 feet wide and 8 feet high?

Answer Cubic feet is calculated by length X width X height. So a room with: length = 12 ft. width = 8 ft. height = 8 ft. would be: 768 ft.^3 or in English 178 cubic feet