How many cremation ovens were in Auschwitz during World War 2?

Answer 3

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How hot are cremation ovens?

Anywhere between 800 and 1150 degrees Celsius.

Were Jews put in cremation ovens alive to be killed?

There were first gassed.There is general agreement that the victims were gassed first and their corpses were cremated. That said, it is possible that some victims were burnt alive.

Did they have ovens during world war 2?

Yes you can place a small amount of bones down the disposer make sure it is mixed in with other food waste If you have a cheap disposer I would not suggest it, however if you have an ISE 333 or u... Read More »

Were ovens available in World War 2?

Answer $67.74 using 120 volts. Great job on the math, but a refrigerator doesn't run 24 hours a day. It runs off of a thermostat and has periods of off/on. It depends on the climate in which you li... Read More »