How many credits are needed for a bachelor's degree?

Answer The exact number of credits needed to receive a bachelor's degree varies by college and academic department, but is typically between 120 and 124. Some highly specialized degree tracks require addi... Read More »

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Credits Needed to Receive a Bachelors Degree?

Colleges and universities commonly award two types of bachelor degrees, a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science. Typically, both bachelor degrees require students to complete the same number o... Read More »

Number of Credits Needed to Get an M.D. Degree?

A Doctor of Medicine, or MD, is a doctoral degree for physicians. The only way to earn a true MD is to attend an accredited medical school. Before you can apply for medical school, you have to meet... Read More »

What Credits Are Needed to Get a Bachelor's Degree?

Receiving a bachelor's degree is an educational milestone that can greatly influence your career opportunities. A bachelor's degree shows you have graduated with a college education. For the degree... Read More »

How many credits are needed to earn an AA degree?

The credits needed for an Associate of Arts degree can differ depending on the school and the field of study. However, generally speaking, most associate programs require you to complete at least 6... Read More »