How many credit cards does the average person have?

Answer The average consumer has 2.7 credit cards as of 2010, according to Among individuals who have credit cards, the average number is 3.5 cards. In 2009, Americans owned a total of mor... Read More »

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How much money does the average American household owe on credit cards?

According to the Credit Cards website, the average household in America owes $15,788 in credit card debt, as stated in the May 2010 report from the Federal Reserve on consumer credit.References:Cre... Read More »

How many children does the average American family have?

According to the 2000 Census, the average number of children per American family unit is 1.86. The census bureau also breaks down the number for each individual state; Utah has the highest average ... Read More »

How many digits does an American Express credit card number have?

An American Express card number has 15 digits, divided into three sections. The first section contains four digits, the second contains six and the third contains five. All American Express card nu... Read More »

Does having too many credit cards affect a credit score?

On One Hand: Number of Cards Has No ImpactThe number of credit cards that an individual has does not affect his credit score. Having several credit cards can improve your credit score if you have s... Read More »