How many covalent bonds can carbon atoms have?

Answer Covalent bonds are forces that hold atoms together and occur when atoms share electrons between each other. Each atom can only make a certain number of covalent bonds. Carbon atoms can make a total... Read More »

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How many covalent bonds does carbon form in neutral compounds?

Carbon's electron configuration gives it four electrons in its outermost shell. Consequently, carbon forms four covalent bonds with other atoms. These may be single bonds; double bonds, which count... Read More »

How many bonds can carbon form with other atoms?

Carbon (represented by the symbol "C" on the periodic table) is the basis of all organic chemistry. With other atoms, carbon can form only four single bonds, or two double bonds, or one triple bond... Read More »

How many carbon atoms does glucose have?

Glucose is a simple sugar molecule containing six carbon atoms. In addition, glucose has twelve hydrogen atoms and six oxygen atoms. Glucose is a necessary molecule for life processes, including ce... Read More »

How many carbon atoms does toluene have?

Toluene, pronounced "ta-you-een," is a chemical used as a solvent. Its chemical name is C6H5CH3; it has seven carbon atoms. The molecule consists of five hydrogen atoms and six carbon atoms, the si... Read More »