How many countrys have a population of over a billion?

Answer china and India

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Does a typical bed house over six billion dust mites?

Mattresses are a preferred environment for dust mites and a typical mattress can harbor 100 thousand to 10 million dust mites. Dust mites thrive here because mattresses are warm and moist when a pe... Read More »

What is 840 billion divided by 304 million-- Which is the amount of new stimulus plan divided by est. population of US according to the cia factbook?

Have to be a US Citizen and if you have a spouse, they must be a citizen of the US also.

How many million is equal to one billion?

A billion is a thousand million, in the US and the scientific community. Some other countries substitute a milliard for a billion, and make a billion a million million, or bi-million.References:Ji... Read More »

How many counties in the united states have a population larger than 200,000?

According to the United States Census Bureau there are 307 counties in the United States with a population larger than 200,000. These population numbers are based on the 2009 estimates for the 2000... Read More »