How many countries were in the mexican american war?

Answer The Mexican-American War was fought mainly over the annexation of Texas by the United States and Mexico. Technically, Texas was an independent country, but Mexico had never officially accepted losi... Read More »

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How many Mexican troops died in the Mexican-American war?

The number of Mexican troops who died during the Mexican-American War is estimated at about 25,000. Most of these deaths were the result of disease, which was rampant during the two-year conflict.S... Read More »

How many American soldiers fought in the Mexican American war?

On all fronts the troop strength reached about 78,000 by the end of the war.

How many people died in the mexican american war?

The death count for the Mexican-American War was nearly 40,000 troops. The United States lost 13,780 soldiers while the Mexican side lost an estimated 25,000 soldiers. In Mexico, the nation marks t... Read More »

How many Mexicans died in the Mexican-American War?

Roughly 6,000 Mexicans died in the Mexican-American War, compared with 11,000 American casualties. The two-year war lasted from 1846 to 1848, officially ending with the signing of the Treaty of Gua... Read More »