How many countries have their own space launch capabilites?

Answer As of November 2009, eight countries are able to launch their own satellites into space. Sixty countries have their own space agencies, of which 13 have active space programs. Russia, China and the... Read More »

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How many countries have sent people to space?

Sixteen countries have had people in space. The United States and China both have their own space program. The U.S.S.R. also had its own space program, which was taken over by Russia when the Sovie... Read More »

How many countries have birds on their flags?

There are many nations in the world that have a bird of some type on the flag. Including mythical birds on coats of arms, such as the two-headed eagle on Albania's flag, as of 2010 there are 21 nat... Read More »

What year did NASA launch their first manned space shuttle?

Humans already "disturb" the universe, such as by sending rockets into space. We've also already littered the universe with "space junk".

Can the space station or space shuttle launch space probes?