How many countries have a national anthem?

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When US national anthem and another foreign national anthem being played on US soil at a foreign cultural gathering does US anthem take precedence and it has to be played first?

Typically the National Anthem is played first; however, the order of foreign anthems being played can vary depending on the protocol of the event.

How many verses does the national anthem of Greece have?

There are two verses in the Greek national anthem. Officially adopted in 1864, the national anthem is made up of the first two verses of the the poem "Hymn to Freedom," which was written in 1823 by... Read More »

Do musicians have to stand to play the national anthem?

While it is preferred (and necessary by law) for people (including musicians) to stand during the national anthem, there is no punishment for doing otherwise. One example of this was the infamous ... Read More »

Why do you think countries have national anthems?

to show pride, glory and respect regarding their own country