How many countries border the US name them?

Answer 4 the united kingdomrussia canadamexico

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What two countries border the dead sea?

The countries Jordan and Israel border the Dead Sea. According to Absolute Astronomy, the Dead Sea has one of the highest amounts of salt than any other body of water, which is why little lives in ... Read More »

Quiz: Without doing a Search, which countries border with Switzerland?

Not that hard for me to do I m German and used to live in Switzerland To the North Germany - to the east Liechtenstein and Austria - to the west France - and to the south Italy.

How do countries like Norway,Sweden and France to afford free education for university students?

They do it by taxing their population heavily. For instance, Norway taxes income at up to 50%, Sweden at up to 60%. Is that what you want?

Rumors exist about many countries and places, but is Australia as racist as many claim?

I, too, am sick to death of this question and I find it very insulting as obviously others do. I am also sick of this country bending over backwards to accommodate all the little foibles of minorit... Read More »