How many corncobs will each corn plant bear?

Answer Each plant usually bears two or three cobs per plant. Some varieties bear more than others.

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How do I plant corn?

Sweet corn, reserved for larger gardens, grows best in sunlight and should be planted when any chance of frost has passed. Corn grows best in short rows, making it easier for the plants to pollinat... Read More »

HELP When should you plant corn?

If it doesn't drip and it's normal for it to start and slow down and such. Don't worry it's hard to mess up a dishwasher

Can I plant tomatoes& corn together?

Do not plant tomatoes and corn together as the plants share a common insect pest. A worm known as both the tomato fruitworm and the corn earworm attacks tomatoes and corn.Source:The Old Farmer's Al... Read More »

Can you plant corn from seeds?

You can plant corn from seeds, but corn is pollinated through wind-borne pollen. Therefore, it is easier for the corn plants to pollinate each other when planted in short blocks of at least four ro... Read More »