How many copies does a fuser last ?

Answer It will vary greatly from printer to printer. Some printers only rate their fusers for about 60,000 copies, others are rated around 200,000 copies & more, and some printers don't have any copy rati... Read More »

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How can you fix a fuser gate on a 4250 printer fuser?

What is a fuser on an hp laser jet?

Like other laser printers, HP LaserJet printers use a combination of lasers, electrical charges, and heating elements to create printed material. A fuser is one component in a laser printer that di... Read More »

What is a fuser do for a printer?

Fusers are used in laser printers and literally fuse the toner into the paper fibers of the paper using heat & pressure to make the print/image permanent. Toner is typically a polymer plastic powde... Read More »

What is a fuser error 50.3 ?

It depends, it can vary for different printers. Typically a 50.3 fuser error on an HP is "fuser over temperature".Per HP:1 Turn the printer off and allow it to cool down.2 Verify that the correct m... Read More »