How many controllers does the Nintendo Wii come with?

Answer The Nintendo Wii video game system comes with one Wii remote controller, one Nunchuck controller, the game Wii Sports, the Wii console, a sensor bar and the appropriate cables. Extra controllers ne... Read More »

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Does Nintendo DS come with an AC adapter& stylus pen?

The previous version of the Nintendo DS, the DS Lite, includes a stylus and AC adapter. The later versions, the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL also come with a stylus and AC adapter.Source:Target: Nintend... Read More »

Does the Nintendo Wii come with a memory card?

Memory cards are not included with the Nintendo Wii, but the video-game console has built-in memory for storing data. The Wii is compatible with GameCube memory cards and SD memory cards, which you... Read More »

Does the Nintendo DS Lite come with a charger?

Yes, the Nintendo DS Lite comes with a charger that charges its lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It takes four hours for the battery to fully charge. If you lose the charger,you can purchase a n... Read More »

Does Nintendo Wii come with a cord to attach to an LCD TV?

The Nintendo Wii comes with an AV Multi-Out Plug, which will connect with most televisions. This cable will not, however, allow for high definition output. The Wii does not support high definition ... Read More »