How many continents exist in the world according to the Spanish atlas?

Answer According to the Spanish atlas, there are seven continents, just like the Swiss, German, Canadian, South African, Kiwi, Australian, Thai, Chinese and South Korean atlases. The number of continents ... Read More »

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How many continents speak Spanish?

Spain has a history of exploration, and due to this, there are numerous Spanish-speaking countries in the world. Continents with Spanish-speaking countries are Europe, Africa, South America and Nor... Read More »

How many continents have dinosaur bones been recovered from?

Dinosaur bones have been discovered on all seven continents. The United States ranks number one in terms of different species found per country, and dinosaur bones have been discovered in all but 1... Read More »

Learning the Continents for Kids?

Some of children's first geography lessons begin by learning the continents. From that point, you are able to teach them about countries, states and then individual cities. When children have a vis... Read More »

How to Remember the Seven Continents?

Sometimes,the seven continents are hard to remember.If you want to remember them,read this article!