How many computers can i install windows vista on with one disc?

Answer if its original then only 1 if its not then as many as u wish hope this helps u ^_^

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Can you install Windows XP on two computers using the same disc but different activation codes?

Yes. You can install Windows XP onto two computers with the same disc. Microsoft isn't concerned with how many times you use an installation disc so much as what product key is used with each insta... Read More »

How to Install the Vista Recovery Disc in Windows?

You may have an issue with Microsoft Windows Vista that requires a system recovery. Even if you possess the recovery disk, the process doesn't merely entail placing the disk into the drive and lett... Read More »

How do I install printers to computers with Windows Vista?

Local PrinterVerify that your printer is powered on and connected to your computer. Go to "Start" > "Control Panel" > "Hardware and Sound" > "Printers". Click "Add a local printer". Choose "Use an ... Read More »

How can Windows Vista be 14.9 gigs installed when the disc I use to install is only 2.49?

Everyone else here is wrong. DVDs are usually condensed yes, but not anywhere near close to 15 GB. Vista uses less than half of that actually for system files. I have Vista 64, and I'll tell you... Read More »