How many computers can I install MS Office on?

Answer According to Microsoft, you can load most versions of Microsoft Office only on one PC. A Volume License Agreement lets you load the software on multiple systems and some retail versions allow a sec... Read More »

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How many computers can you install MS Office 2007 on?

If you purchased a copy of Microsoft Office 2007 Standard for home use, you can install it on one computer and one laptop or portable device, provided both computers are owned and used by the same ... Read More »

How many computers can I install Microsoft Office on?

How many computers you can install MS Office on depends on how many license keys you have purchased for the software. If you are unsure, you probably only have one. You can always call Microsoft an... Read More »

How many computers can you install Microsoft Office Pro 2007 on?

You can install Microsoft Office 2007 Processional on two computers: a desktop and a laptop. To comply with Microsoft's license terms, both computers need to be owned and used by you. In other word... Read More »

How do I install Office on 2 computers?

Make sure that you have purchased a Microsoft Office program that is compatible with more than one computer, which is usually the case as most software allows for more than one installation of the ... Read More »