How many combinations are there in a 3 number lock?

Answer Assuming the numbers zero to nine in each digit position, Richard Rupnik, internal quality auditor for Lucent Technologies, reveals a formula of 10 raised to the third power to calculate the number... Read More »

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How many possible combinations are in a three-number lock?

There are 1,000 possible combinations in a three-digit lock. Each digit can be one of 10 numbers, so to find the total number of possibilities, you must multiply 10 times 10 times 10 to get 1,000.S... Read More »

How many different combinations are there for a 3-digit lock?

The possible combinations for a three-digit lock depend on the allowable digits. Richard R. Rupnik, an internal auditor for Lucent Technologies, explains that the calculation is 10 raised to the th... Read More »

How to Change Master Lock Combinations?

Open the Master Lock by entering the current combination. Twist the body of the lock 180 degrees. The body is the largest part of the lock, typically circular or square in shape. The hook of the lo... Read More »

How do i find Master Lock combinations?

Look on the back of your lock to see if it has a serial number. Without a serial number, Master Lock cannot provide a combination. Go to and search for "Lost Combination Form." Print... Read More »