How many colleges are in Ohio?

Answer According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Ohio boasts 399 public and private colleges as of April 2010. These institutions include Allegheny Wesleyan College, Bowling Green State U... Read More »

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How many colleges are in the state of Ohio?

The National Center for Education Statistics reveals that as of April 2010, the state contains 399 public and private colleges including such institutions as Ohio State University, Edison State Com... Read More »

How many colleges& universities are there in Ohio?

Ohio is home to 194 colleges and universities in all shapes and sizes. In 2000 the Ohio Board of Regents listed 140 schools in the state higher education system, among them 38 privately governed, s... Read More »

If someone is in graduate school in Michigan but claims her residence as Ohio and pays state tax in Ohio and her car is registered in Ohio can she buy auto insurance using her Ohio address?

why do you want to know this???????? Answer: Yes, if your residence is listed as Ohio and your car is registered in Ohio, you can buy insurance using your Ohio address.

Colleges and Universities in Ohio?

Ohio has an extensive higher education system that includes more than 150 universities and colleges, community colleges, technical schools as well as private and religious institutions. The state h... Read More »