How many college years are required to become an eye doctor?

Answer According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, to become an optometrist, you must have at least three years of undergraduate training in pre-optometry studies and then four years getting a Docto... Read More »

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How many years of college is needed to become a doctor?

Doctors must complete an undergraduate degree, which requires four years, then complete a doctorate program, which is another four years (two years of lab work and two years of working with patient... Read More »

How many years of college are required to become a dentist?

AnswerI do believe it is the same as a doctor. 7 or 9√ā¬†AnswerDentists diagnose and treat diseases, injuries, and malformations of the teeth, gums, and related oral structures. Pre-Dentistry is a tw... Read More »

How many years or college do you have to take to become a brain surgery doctor?

At least two, and more probably three or four. You then have four years of medical school. A newly graduated (from medical school) doctor does not simply get to run out and go into business as a br... Read More »

How many years of college is required to become a social worker?

An individual must complete a four-year bachelor's degree program in social work in order to qualify for an entry-level position as a social worker. However, completion of an additional two years ... Read More »