How many coils should be in a baby mattress?

Answer A baby's crib mattress should have at least 150 coils. This type of mattress will have 9.0 gauge steel border rails and and 13.5 gauge carbon tempered steel coils. You will be able to use a mattres... Read More »

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How many coils should be in a crib mattress for excellence?

The most widely accepted and suggested coil count for an innerspring baby mattress is 150 coils at a thickness of 13.5. A higher coil count does not always means a better innerspring unit, especial... Read More »

How many coils are good for a mattress?

On One Hand: It Doesn't MatterAccording to Long's Bedding, the number of coils in a mattress doesn't necessarily matter. Rather, "the overall poundage of steel and its configuration impress us as b... Read More »

What mattress should i buy Serta or Seay and where from in Houston ,TX ( Mattress firm or Gallery furniture)?

Tough question...easy answer is which feels better to you.Hard to compare the same brand in two stores as the industry is designed to foolyou by placing different names to the same product.Have you... Read More »

How many bottles 4 oz and 8 oz should you use for the baby?

how old is the baby and if it's older they use alot of 8 ounce bottles