"How many coffees, teas or juice before you fully awake in the mornings.."?

Answer 1 cuppa tea and an orange juice!

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Do you like flavoured teas and/or coffees If so, which kind?

Mostly I drink plain Lipton tea. I don't buy tea bags, I prefer loose tea. Sometimes I add herbs from my garden, usually mint, rosemary or basil. I am open to other ideas. I don't brew flavored cof... Read More »

How to Make Sure You're Fully Awake in the Morning?

Are you finding it hard to be properly awake for work/school in the morning. If you need help, follow simple steps and you should be ready.


Do you know why you can't be put asleep? I just had four wisdom teeth out 5 days ago, I was put out, if they had told me I had to be awake I think I would have run away.. You don't eat anything aft... Read More »

Will orange juice keep me awake?

Its not got caffeine in it, so it isn't going to keep you away like coffee or tea, but it is full of sugar so you may find it a little harder to get settled. Plus the fact its likes to make you nee... Read More »