How many cm's dilated do you have to be to start pushing?

Answer You need to be at 10 centimeters dilation, and 100% effacement. (effacement is "softening " of the cervix, at 100%, it's thinned out to allow the baby's head to pass through). If you start pushing ... Read More »

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How many cm dilated when you have a baby?

How many centimeters do you have to be dilated before the mucous plug falls out?

the mucous plug can fall out any where after the woman is dilated 2cm it also may never come out and the doctors will have to break the water them-selves.

Is pushing the start of abuse?

No, in many cases pushing someone in the heat of anger or frustration does not mean that person will turn into an abuser. At some time in every person's life they have pushed or shoved someone in t... Read More »

When does Pushing Daisies start again?

That depends. The show was cut short by the writers strike. When the show returns depends on when the strike ends. If the strike doesn't end by mid February, it will likely not return until next se... Read More »