How many cm do you dilate before giving birth?

Answer 10 cm

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How does it feel before giving birth?

yes it freiken hurts like a sonofa you know what

How long before giving birth should you stop hydrocodone?

If your doctor has not prescribed the medicine, then you should not be taking it at all. Most people with a condition make compromises in favor of the baby, sometimes reducing pain medication or us... Read More »

How do women get eclampsia during labor or before giving birth?

usually because either they don't know that they're pregnant and they drink, do drugs, or are sick, and they get eclampsia, or that it runs in their family.

What are some things you wish you knew before giving birth?

I wish I had known that all the reading and research I did would mean squat :)I wish I would have known how hard it is to do anything at all after the baby is born, but how much you don't care. Th... Read More »