How many clicks does a computer mouse do before it needs replacing ?

Answer My boyfriend told me to tell you to go ask Mr. Owl.

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What would you do if your computer mouse only had a maximum of 20 clicks per day?

Learn how to navigate the internet using the keyboard. The Tab key is your friend.

How long before an HP 38 Vivera ink cartridge needs replacing?

The life of an ink cartridge depends on the quantity and quality of printed material. According to the HP Product Store, HP 38 Vivera Ink Cartridges can print up to 5,000 (magenta) or as low as 32... Read More »

Laptop mouse just highlights everything and sometimes clicks by itself?

just cleaning the mouse pad thingy it helps

Does adsense pay you by how many clicks on ads or views of your website?

Yes , every time a user clicks "just once" you will receive a share of the commission the advertisers pay.similar, and pay by PC, Cost Per Click which is what AdSense is..There are also other servi... Read More »