If both American and filipino are not resident of Germany they want to get marry only in Germany what is the requirements and is there a possible to stay also Germany of both parties?

Answer Getting married in Germany is possible for two people who are not residents or citizens. Contact a German embassy or consulate for the procedure. You should also each contact a marriage lawyer in t... Read More »

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How many cities are in Arizona?

According to the state of Arizona's official government website, there are 138 cities in Arizona. With over 1.5 million residents and 517 square miles, Phoenix is the largest Arizonian city.Source:... Read More »

How many cities are in illinois?

In the state of Illinois there are 70 cities with a population of 10,000 or more, but only eight cities with a population of 100,000 or more. In total, there are 299 cities in the state of Illinois... Read More »

What cities in the US are named after European cities?

Alabama Birmingham - Birmingham, UK Athens - Athens, Greece Oxford - Oxford, UK York - York, UK Arkansas Dover - Dover, UK Hamburg - Hamburg, Germany London - London, UK Paris - Paris, France... Read More »

How many port cities are in Canada?

There is only one port in canada Halifax