How many cigarettes does the average smoker smoke?

Answer According to the 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about half of all daily smokers smoke 16 or more cigarettes a day. The study found that among smokers aged 12 to 17, 18.4 percent smoke... Read More »

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How many years on average does a smoker smoke?

According to the Smoking Cessation Program at Newberry College, the average smoker in South Carolina smokes for 25.6 years. The Strong Families/Great Youth Coalition states that the average America... Read More »

When he will get Cancer being a smoker of nearly 20 cigarettes per day?

He might not get cancer at all ( it is a possibility).there is now way that we can say he is going to get cancer after a given period.the one thing that I can say while confident is that smoking ha... Read More »

I'm not a smoker, never smoked a cigarette but lately been 'craving' cigarettes?

It is not craving but just a feeling to do something you have not done before. So, for heaven's sake don't start smoking.

Are zero nicotine electronic cigarettes still dangerous, to a non-smoker?

its not water vapour, its propyl glycol.human lungs are designed tobreathe in air, and only air;anything else is harmful.Ecigs contain toxic andsynthetic chemicals, thats whythey remain banned in m... Read More »