How many chromosomes from a body cell come from each parent?

Answer Each normal human body cell contains 46 chromosomes in 23 matched pairs, with each pair consisting of one chromosome from each parent. Therefore, 23 chromosomes come from each parent: one sex chrom... Read More »

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How many chromosomes are in a parent cell?

A parent cell always has a pair of every chromosome, so to determine the number of chromosomes in a parent cell, take the number of different chromosomes and double it. This means, for example, tha... Read More »

How many chromosomes does a human body cell contain in anaphase?

Human body cells originally have 23 chromosomes. These chromosomes make copies of themselves. Consequently, when cell division begins and progresses through its stages of prophase, metaphase and an... Read More »

A Cell With Two of Each Kind of Chromosomes?

A cell with two of each kind of chromosome is called a diploid cell. The somatic cells of most animals are diploid cells. Diploid cell chromosomes can be replicated, or split in half to form new ce... Read More »

How many chromosomes does a parent contribute to a child?

Normally each parent gives a child 23 chromosomes, one copy of each chromosome type 1-22 plus one sex chromosome. Contributions from both parents give the child 23 pairs of chromosomes.