Can someone have 48 chromosomes?

Answer People may have 48 chromosomes if they suffer from 48,XXYY syndrome--caused by one extra X and one extra Y chromosome. People may also have 48 chromosomes if they are suffering from Klinefelter syn... Read More »

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How many chromosomes do donkeys have?

A donkey has a total of 62 chromosomes in its DNA. During reproduction, a male or jack donkey delivers 31 chromosomes from sperm to the embryo while a female contributes 31 chromosomes from the egg... Read More »

Are there x&y chromosomes in sperm?

Sperm contain either an X or a Y chromosome. The female egg carries an X chromosome. So, if a sperm with an X chromosome fertilizes the egg, the resulting XX chromosome pairing will produce a girl;... Read More »

What Causes Your Chromosomes to Split?

All of our genetic information is stored in a molecule called DNA, which resides inside the nucleus of each cell in our body. When our cells reproduce, the DNA is duplicated and packaged in chromos... Read More »

How many chromosomes are in flowers?

The number of chromosomes in plants and flowers varies from 33 to 92. The most common numbers are 56, 63, 70 and 77.SourceSpringerLink: Chromosome Plant Morphology