How many Christians are there in the world today?

Answer About 32 percent of people in the world, or 2.1 billion individuals, describe themselves as Christians. Some Christians believe that only those who are 'born again' can claim to be Christians, whic... Read More »

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How to Understand Christians?

Christianity is the most common religion in the US, with thousands of believers.If you aren't Christian, interacting with those who are can be difficult. However, understanding Christians and what ... Read More »

The Best Careers for Christians?

Christians sometimes find themselves faced with a quandary. When trying to find the best careers, they discover that some of the places they could work are simply not conducive to Christian belief.... Read More »

Are Christians vegetarian ?

This is a very interesting question.Well, I'm a Christian, and my family eats meat. However, thou shall not kill, is a translation from the original language the Bible was written in.In Greek (whi... Read More »

How far can christians go.....sexually?

The 'no sex before marriage' come from the word 'fornication' which is condemned numerous times throughout scripture. However the bible was not written in english, the greek work used when this was... Read More »