How many chloroplasts are there in a coleochaete cell?

Answer A Coleochaete cell has only one chloroplast within its cell wall. Chloroplasts contain chlorophyll, giving Coleochaete cells their green color. This cell is actually microscopic algae that lives in... Read More »

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How many chloroplasts are in an elodea cell?

Elodea is a leafy, green water plant commonly used in high school and college biology classes as a plant with exceptionally easy-to-view cell components. Students looking at elodea samples under a ... Read More »

How many cell phones are there in the USA?

There are 276.6 million cell phones being used in the United States as of June 2009. That is 89 percent of the population. In 2003, there were 159 million cell phone users compared to just 59 milli... Read More »

How many chromosomes are there in a sea urchin cell?

Echinoids, or sea urchins, normally have 42 to 44 chromosomes per diploid cell, a cell that contains two sets of chromosomes. Sex cells of echinoids contain only one set, giving them what is known... Read More »

How many genes are there in a single human cell?

In a single human cell there are three billion genes, according to Nova Online. All of the 100 trillion cells in the human body, except the red blood cell, contain a string of human genome. The str... Read More »