How many chlorine atoms are in dichloride?

Answer There are two atoms of chlorine in dichloride, a chemical compound. Dichloride combined with other chemicals creates many manufacturing products, such as Ethylene Dichloride, which is used in the m... Read More »

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How many chlorine atoms are in a compound with the name dichloride?

According to, the prefix "di" means "twofold, double, twice," or "denoting two atoms." A compound that contains the name "dichloride" would have two atoms of chlorine. According to ... Read More »

How many chlorine atoms are there in a chlorine molecule?

There are two atoms of chlorine in each chlorine molecule. Chlorine is a diatomic element, so it naturally forms a bond with one other chlorine atom to make the Cl2 molecule. All of the elements in... Read More »

How many atoms are in chlorine?

Chlorine is a halogen gas and exists in the form of Cl2. It is considered a diatomic element, meaning it has two atoms of chlorine. Chlorine does not exist freely in the single-atom form of Cl, unl... Read More »

Who discovered chlorine atoms?

Swedish-born Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovered the element chlorine in 1774 after combining pyrolusite and hydrochloric acid--but he mistook chlorine for oxygen. Sir Humphry Davy acknowledged chlorin... Read More »