How many children have been killed by airbags?

Answer If you are a victim of child molestation, talk with an adult you trust. School counselors, coaches, or teachers are the best choices. Talk with them privately, and tell them what you are going thro... Read More »

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How many lives have been saved by airbags?

Airbags saved an estimated 25,282 lives between 1975, when they were first deployed, through 2007, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics of the United States Department of Transporta... Read More »

How many Marines have been killed in the Iraq War?

According to an interactive tool on USA Today for their article "Deaths in Iraq: A look at the American Lives Lost," 1,022 Marines had given their life for the service of their country in Iraq as o... Read More »

How many worldwide have been killed in wars?

How many Marines have been killed in Iraq?

Answer There have been 2900 American soldiers 690,000 Iraq soldiers have all been killedThere has been 4257 U.S deaths from the 13-03-2009. I don't how many of them are Marine though.