How many children does Martin Johnson have?

Answer 1 son with girlfriend alexis

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Does Martin Johnson have any siblings of the group boys like girls?

The couple change as they grow up and the majority gets divorced when they get older. Many don't get the education they could have because they had children early, planned or unplanned.

How many children did Martin Luther have with Katherine von Bora?

Martin Luther had six children with his wife, Katherine von Bora. Together they also cared for another family member and took in six of Luther's nieces and nephews after 1529, bringing their family... Read More »

How many World Series rings does Billy Martin have?

Billy Martin won five World Series rings with the New York Yankees. He won rings in 1951, 1952, 1953 and 1956 as a player and in 1977 as the Yankee manager. Martin played for the Yankees in 1950, b... Read More »

How many children does a women have before their vagina is too loose to have good sex?

I have had three kids nad never had any complaints about being 'loose' as you put it! Every woman is different in the same way as every mans penis is a different size! How would you feel if she was... Read More »