How many children are awaiting adoption yearly?

Answer Most people want to adopt a baby or a two-year old child. Those lists are quite long. If you want an older child the lists are shorter.

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How many children are awaiting adoption nationally?

There were 123,000 children waiting to be adopted on September 30, 2008. This is information from the most recent official report from the Children's Bureau of the United States Department of Healt... Read More »

How many babies in Florida are awaiting adoption?

There are two babies waiting to be adopted in Florida. This number is only those babies available for public review. Most available babies are quickly placed with a relative or foster-to-adopt fami... Read More »

What are the yearly Adoption rates in US?

Good for you for considering adoption! This may differ from state to state. You would do well to consult a lawyer, however, not just for your sake, but also for the child's. Having a legal adoption... Read More »

Why can adoption be set aside if a divorce is filed less than one year after adoption by stepfather who adopted spouses children?

Your best approach is to involve a lawyer to make sure that you follow all the steps properly to do this.