How many children a year get hurt on a playground?

Answer We do not encourage anyone to temper with the security features of the seat belts. They are put there for your safety.

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Children Playground Games?

Creative teachers use recess time to teach kids interactive games to play. Playground games show a child how to compete in a fair way. The physical exercise also helps the child release built up en... Read More »

How many people get hurt a year on staircases?

Every year, tens of thousands of people are injured in staircase accidents. The exact number is unknown because many staircase accidents are not reported. Most accidents are caused by poorly balanc... Read More »

How many kids get hurt in gym class in a year?

The American Academy of Pediatrics commissioned a study of emergency department visits by children as a result of injuries sustained during physical education classes. The study concluded that from... Read More »

How to Create a Water Playground for Small Children?

Keep them entertained!Do your toddlers have nothing to do in the summer but sit with the TV? Help them out by building a little kid sized water playground.