Are you exposed to all of the chemicals in a cigarette through second hand smoke?

Answer Well,I'm not too sure,but I'm fairly sure that people are exposed to many of them,and of course,all of them are bad.Apparently,second hand smoke is worse than first hand smoke(does that make sense?... Read More »

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How to Remove Cigarette Smoke, Chemicals and Odours from a Bedroom?

How to remove cigarette smoke odors and residue from a room.

How long do cigarette smoke chemicals stay in a room?

On One Hand: Smoke Remains For Several Hours In Closed RoomA study published at examined the amount of time cigarette smoke remained in a room. According to the study, if all doors... Read More »

If a person with HIV held my cigarette to light his and then if i smoked the cigarette will I contract the vir?

the only chance would be if the person had blood on the cig and you wiped the blood on your cut.

How to Roll a Cigarette With a Cigarette Roller?

Rolled cigarettes are cheaper (Usually around $15-20 for a carton) and allegedly a bit healthier than standard cigarettes. However, they are still pretty complicated to make.