How many checks does an employer send to the insurance company under a payroll deduction plan?

Answer Normally the employer sends 12 checks, One per month.. however most companies that are in the worksite market canaccommodate other modes, like weekly. biweekly and semimonthlyCompanies that are com... Read More »

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What is the FICA deduction on payroll checks?

FICA taxes are withholdings mandated by the Federal Insurance Contribution Act. FICA withholdings are contributions to the Social Security and Medicare systems, which provide financial support and ... Read More »

Can your health insurance company force your spouse to take her employer's health plan as primary instead of yours?

Coordination of Benefits Yes, under the standard Coordination of Benefits provisions contained within Group Health Plans, the "rules" to determine which coverage pays first (primary) are clearly st... Read More »

Paying medical insurance through payroll deduction how long is it paid up to after you quit you job?

Answer Usually your insurance ends on you last day of work. Best bet would be to call the insurance company and find out exactly when it expires. You will have the option to have Cobra insurance, t... Read More »

Will there be any lapse in coverage if your old employer and new employer use the same insurance company?

%DETAILS% Answer When did your old plan end? When does your new plan start? Do you have the SAME plan with the Insurance Company. That is, one might be HMO the other PPO, etc.If you were given a... Read More »